Sagan om Prinsen & Prinsessan och lite om draken också

Sofi Poulsen’s first book, illustrated by Per Von Schantz, is a total gem. I love books that take on the typical princess story and turn it on its head. This one even has a modern upgrade with many references to technology and quirky jokes that adults will enjoy.

sagan omPrince Nikolai is looking for companionship (no, really – just a friend) because he is lonely. He uses an online service and finds a princess who is interested in both science and reading books. When he invites her to visit his castle, she arranges a witch’s broom taxi service and begins to plot how she will get around the princess-eating dragon outside. She does indeed succeed with her clever plan, leaving her to enjoy the friendship of the prince. ”Nu skulle de inte vara ensamma mer.”

This is a fun, fast read that had my kids enraptured. The story is cheerful and unexpected, and the illustrations match perfectly with their wild colors and playful skyscapes. A great addition to your shelf, especially if you are interested in Swedish books that promote equality and diversity.

Sagan om Prinsen & Princessan och lite om draken också
Författare: Sofi Poulsen
Illustration: Per von Schantz
Förlag: Sofi Poulsen (2015)
ISBN: 9789198278606
Köp: t.ex. hos Bokus eller Adlibris

Författare: Laura Geiger

I call myself a serial expat because I moved from the USA to Canada to France and now to Sweden. My days of country­ hopping may finally be over, but the experience of immigrating will last for years to come. Maintaining personal identity while negotiating a sense of belonging in a new culture is a tricky process for both kids and adults. The good news is that books help. Children’s books, especially, provide a window into a country’s widely embraced cultural commonality and heritage. Add to that the simplified language and supporting illustrations, and you have a crash course for new Swedes on the shelves of your local library. I am a poet, artist, and enthusiastic supporter of expressive arts. I have worked as an elementary art teacher and as a homeschooling mama to my three children (born in 2004, 2007, and 2010). With an academic background in sociology and interest in second language acquisition, I am eager to share through Barnboksprat how our family is using children’s books to navigate our first steps into this new land of ours.

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